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A warm welcome to our business blog! I’m so excited that you’re reading this, because it means that you’ve taken the first step on an incredible journey! I’m super passionate about helping you to build the wellbeing business of your dreams. The articles below have been written for us by experts from across the UK and each one is packed with advice that will help you to create or grow your business.

grow your business and change your life

Everything you need to create, nurture and sustain a healthy, long-lived business.

35 ways to nail your first (or next) sale

35 ways to nail your first (or next) sale

So you’ve got a brilliant idea for a wellbeing business (or you want to grow your existing business with an exciting new project). You’ve got the qualifications and you’ve checked all the necessary admin boxes. You’ve bagged yourself a domain name, got yourself a...

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Hashtag school – getting seen on social media

Hashtags are a device used online to tell social media search engines (yes your favourite social media channels are search engines too!) what your social content is about, so they will display it to people who search for that subject. They're key for getting seen on...

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The real truth about starting a business

I remember working in my corporate life and finding the struggle between being at home and being at work the source of constant guilt.  If I was at home I felt guilty that I wasn’t pulling my weight at work (yeah I know, FOOL). and if I was at work then I felt guilty...

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Why customers leave your website without buying

When you’re running your own business often you put your heart and soul into creating products and service that you think they’ll love. So it can be heart-breaking to see customers loading up their online shopping cart only to leave your website without buying. Why...

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reviewing direct debits

Want to take better care of your finances? (Don’t we all) Then start by taking just 5 minutes out of your day to listen to Julie The Money Coach’s video blog. This month Julie is talking about refreshing your direct debits. When was the last time you checked what’s...

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how to totally rock your September plans

September is the new January they say – kinda like orange is the new black, I suppose?! September is a time of new beginnings. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we say goodbye to the lush greens of summer and welcome to warm, earthy tones of autumn. The nights get that...

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