What is a “healthy” body?

We just tried to write an enlightened definition but took a look at how diverse we all are, spun in circles (which got our heart rates up nicely), developed headaches and had to pour a cuppa. So that’s where we are with that.

Now we’ll hand it over to the wellness experts to help us look at health and self-care from all angles—and yoga poses, if you like.


New Year New You is Bullshizzle!

It's 2018. A new year. May it bring you health, abundance, love, peace, fun, joy and success.  And all that you wish for yourself. Including balanced hormones.  But I would say that!. I’ve been reflecting …everyone seems to think I ought to be a "New Me" because it's...

The wonderful healing power of Reiki

With the holiday season in full swing we’re supposed to be full of festive cheer; but for some that maybe festive tears. As women we usually have more than enough to do on a daily basis, throw in the holiday season on top of that and well, you have a pretty potent...

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real women, real stories… the pain of infertility

I always knew that I wanted to be a mum. I can remember walking around school arm-in-arm with my best friend talking about how many children I wanted and what their names would be. I never fantasized about a big white wedding, or my ‘knight in shining armour...

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why dieting is pointless for the over 40s

Dieting is pointless. Hurray! If you’re over 40, want to lose weight and are ready to get off that yo-yo diet rollercoaster, then feast your eyes on this fab vlog from Nicki Williams, our popular Happy Hormones expert. Did you know that 98% of people either don’t lose...

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how to master your menopause mood swings

Are you suffering menopause mood swings? You know what I‘m talking about. You can go from Mary Poppins to Scary Mary in about 10 seconds flat. Or from teary through cheery to feary in seconds. If you’re unsure, ask a friend. Ask your partner, if you think they’d dare...

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Essential autumn hair care tips for healthy tresses

Let’s face it… Autumn may be a beautiful season but it can’t half play havoc with your hair! Months of cold winds, lashing rain, air conditioning and central heating all do their best to ruin your terrific tresses. Here at MeMeMe we’re taking a stand against, tired,...

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Why I love rising early in the morning

I am sitting here writing this at 5am on a Sunday morning; even earlier than I would get up on a week day. I love rising early. I get up at 5.30am on week days; to walk the dogs for 45 minutes around a 3km block and then do to 45 minutes of yoga before work. I love...

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how to lead a fulfilled life

I’m a Women’s Hormone Health and Fertility Coach. I’ve been on different courses over the years, including one on health coaching with nutrition with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (see link at end of article to find out more about this course). And one...

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Healthy homemade pizza dough

Healthy homemade pizza dough

Lets face it... sometimes, when it's cold and rainy outside, when your to-do list seems to stretch into the sunset, when the kids are driving you round the bend, when you're shattered from a long day at work or just because only junk food will do. It's like some sort...

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