“Life is complicated”

We don’t know who said it first but she was a genius—and probably wore ten hats a day like we all do.

Let’s talk about those hats and more. Here you’ll find stories, tips and reflections on all the “biggies” that make life the fascinating ride it is—from relationships and parenting to career upheaval and other plot twists.


How to protect your home from burglars – Tips from former Crimewatch presenter Sue Cook

Here’s a stat to send a shiver down your spine… in a recent crime survey figures for England and Wales revealed that there were over 650,000 incidents of domestic burglary last year. And with piles of presents nestling beneath Christmas trees across the UK, being...
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Saturnalia and the true origins of christmas traditions

We’ve been getting well and truly into the festive spirit throughout December here at MeMeMe (if you need any last minute gifts, check out our Ultimate Christmas Book List!) But with the big day rapidly approaching we thought it would be a good time to pause and...

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Naughty and nice: the ultimate christmas book list

There’s no shortage of Christmas-themed books available during the holiday period, but it’s tough knowing what’s really going to shine, and what will prove to be a let-down come Christmas morning… Walking into a bookshop at this time of year is more bamboozling than...

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10 expert tips to supercharge your christmas sales

It’s that time of year again. Christmas gifts and decorations have been in the shops a month or more already, the festive period is upon us, and for many businesses, the busiest time of the year is looming. We know a lot of our readers are small business owners, and...

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how national novel writing month saved my life

There was a time I dreaded winter due to the seasonal cycling of my bipolar brain. SAD descended upon me as inevitably as the winter sun. I would lose all faith in the world. Then I discovered National Novel Writing Month and my life was saved. It’s a peculiar truth...

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Why mothers need other mothers

I’ve just come back from a half term break where I met with a load of friends and their families and where we made new friends.  My good friend E was there with her 2-year-old, usually the model of childhood regularity; sleeping for 2 hours in the day and going...

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How to plan the perfect (ish) family holiday

Did you know that October is one of the most popular months of the year for booking next year’s holiday? With the darker nights of Autumn drawing in fast, people’s thoughts naturally turn to sunshine and the urge to book a week or two in the warm sun begins to take...

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are you making time for ‘me time’?

When it comes to ‘me time’, it seems that so many women struggle to really make the time. We know that good self-care helps us to care for others more effectively, but often we end up feeling selfish or self-centred for taking a few moments to ourselves when there are...

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Are you on the right path in life?

If you just stopped for one moment and took a birds-eye view of your life, I wonder what you would see? Are you where you thought that you would be in life? Are you fulfilled? Are you living on purpose? Are you on the right path? Let me tell you about one of my life...

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The real reasons behind jealousy in relationships

“I’m only jealous because I love you/her/him so much.” As a Life Coach and Relationship expert, jealousy in relationships is an all to common topic of conversation. I’ve heard this sentence uttered more times than I can remember, but even to this day, it continues to...

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