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This is where you can provide a fab description of what you do, what products and services you offer and what people can expect from your business.

You don't have to write much! Here are some breakdowns of the sort of information that will make your listing great:

1. This is what I do

2. This is who I do it for

3. This is how I can solve their problems, make them feel better or just make them smile.

You can add your images and videos in the 'Listing images' and 'Listing Videos' boxes further down as these will be given pride of place on your listing.

Describe your business and services in 100 words or less. This text will appear with your ad so make it short, eyecatching and enticing.

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You can choose as many categories as you like for your listing. Just make sure they are relevant for your business as this is how visitors will search and find your listing.

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Add images and video to your listing.

Just click the button below to upload images and choose the upload files tab to browse the files on your computer. To get the best look for your images please make sure they are all 700px (w) by 400px (h), which you can do by following this short tutorial on picmonkey

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