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Focus. Positivity. Resilience. Stress-proof mega mojo. These are what we all want—and some days we’ve got them—but life can get complicated. What then? Can we de-clutter our heads and keep our brains sharp and happy?

Let’s find out. These articles explore the care and keeping of your number one asset—your own mind.

The MeMeMe experts Christmas survival guide

Are you feeling more frazzled than you are festive this December? As our calendars start to fill, the schools break up and our Christmas to-do list seems to grow daily, it can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed and under pressure. We want you to have the best and...
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why it’s really ok to receive gifts (hurray!)

In fact, receiving gifts could well be just as important as giving them… I don’t know about you, but as a child my mother instilled me with the maxim: ‘it’s better to give than to receive’. As goes the famous quote… ‘For it is in giving that we receive’ –...

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Why are you saying no to sex?

Infrequency of sex is one of the commonest complaints in couples, in both heterosexual and same sex relationships. Classically, women are cited as the ‘with-holders’ and men as the ‘pursuers’, although in my clinical experience as a sex and...

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simple exercises to conquer stress today!

Stress, it seems, is everywhere. At work, home and even on holiday. We never seem to have time to wind down. Nowadays ‘threats’ appear in the form of deadlines and performance reviews, even children not getting their shoes on and threatening to make you late for work....

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what is going on with the world right now?

Is your life feeling rather menaced at the moment? Ok, perhaps ‘menaced’ is too strong a word, but there are few of us who do not feel disquieted or ill at ease at least some of the time. And if we feel unease, then there is something causing it. Try as we might, we...

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how you view the world and what is possible

As you go through life you are exposed to experiences that shape the mould of your world. These experiences lead to you make decisions about what is possible, to believe what you are or aren’t capable of and the results you think you can achieve. Many of these...

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beat stress by spending 10 minutes with trees

We all get those days when we have a task we just HAVE to get done. We NEED to focus and we can’t deal with any distractions. But… Every time we start the task, the phone rings, an email comes through or the kids are asking for something. Life is busy. It’s hectic, in...

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the benefits of crafting on your mental health

We all know about the benefits of journaling and creative writing for your mental health, but what about the benefits of crafting? Did you know that taking up a craft can have therapeutic powers? In this article, jewellery designer, Helen White, explores the mental...

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loving what is by byron katie

loving what is by byron katie

Would you love to understand yourself better? Or find a simple way to enhance your emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing? Then Byron Katie’s Loving What Is has been written for you. In this compelling read, the author shares her revolutionary four-step...



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