Isn’t it funny how no-one teaches us how to get pregnant or how to get pregnant faster? In schools and in the media, it’s all about how NOT to get pregnant, especially when it comes to younger people… Practice safe sex, avoid STIs, live your life.

So, when you finally do want a baby, you get busy having regular, unprotected sex.

You might read a few magazines or research online…only to find there is a lot of confusing and often overwhelming information. There’s a lot of misleading information, myths, and Old Wives Tales.

If you’re lucky, you might have picked up along the way that smoking isn’t great for fertility. And drinking heavily either.

That’s about it. Usually.

You might start peeing on sticks because you’ve heard that timing sex to ovulation is going to boost your chances. But peeing on sticks isn’t always accurate in predicting ovulation.

You might talk to your GP or buy some Folic Acid from the pharmacy.

Because that’s what you’re supposed to do. To make a baby. Right?

Only… nothing is happening.

Women over 35 start to worry about their age and fertility…

Then you start to wonder how to speed it up or boost your chances. Pronto. So, you scour the internet again. Get books. Ask your friends.

You want to get pregnant faster. So, you start with the so-called quick fixes… fertility friendly lube, lying with your legs in the air afterwards, multivitamins.

And still nothing… no baby.

Let me start by saying this. If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s NOT your fault you’re not pregnant yet.  And I really mean that. From my heart to yours. Sincerely. With love.

No one teaches you how to get pregnant, how to prepare your body for making a baby… that’s a pretty big deal right, you’d think there would be a guide book or instructions or something…

Problem is, if no-one teaches us, we can’t know better and do better. In fertility. In health. Even in life.

I’ll say it again.

No-one teaches us this stuff….

But… if you know where to look… you’ll find a few people who can teach you.

I’m one of them.

If you want to get pregnant faster. And boost your chances of IVF success. You can do these things.  They may not be quick fixes. BUT they are little steps… realistic steps… small things you can start straight away.

7 small, simple steps to help you get pregnant faster

1. Change your diet

Poor nutrition can affect fertility.

Pizza doesn’t help you get pregnant. Nor will other processed, packaged, ready-made, fast, or takeaway food.

Ditto sugar, artificial sweeteners, white carbs, non-organic meat and dairy.

To make a baby, your body needs nutritious food with fertility-fuelling vitamins, minerals, good fats, protein, and brown carbs. Real food.

2. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Smoking can harm fertility.

Drinking alcohol can affect fertility.

Too much caffeine (tea, coffee, green tea, chocolate, and cola) can all affect fertility.

Exercise –  too much and too little – can affect fertility.

Weight – being heavily overweight or very underweight – can affect fertility.

Drugs – recreational, over-the-counter, and prescribed – can all affect fertility.

Are your life choices affecting your ability to get pregnant? Where and how can you start to tackle these?

3. Detox the world around you

There are health-harming, hormone-harming and fertility-harming chemicals everywhere. You just need to know what they are and where they lurk.

Take – for example – those plastic bottles we drink water and other drinks from.  Or most lunch boxes. They are made from a hormone-disrupting chemical called BPA. It mimics oestrogen. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are hormone harming chemicals in most cleaning cupboards and bathroom cabinets. If you’re trying to get pregnant (and even if you’re not) it’s best to go for eco-friendly, natural and organic products where you can.

4. Gen up on your general health

Some long-term health conditions can affect fertility. Some are well-known. Like polycystic ovary syndrome, sperm issues and endometriosis.

Other are not. Thyroid issues, low iron, and hormone imbalances.

You may have a condition and not even know it yet. One that’s unrelated to baby-making. But it could STILL be affecting fertility. Self-care and conventional treatments might help.

5. Relax and rejuvenate

Modern life can be pretty crazy. There’s pressure, stress, plate-spinning, multi-tasking, juggling balls. These things can affect our hormone balance, energy levels, sex drive and therefore… fertility.

The stress of not falling pregnant as quickly as you want, can add to existing stress and worry. But reducing stress is easier said than done, sometimes.

Take time out to do things you enjoy. Spend time with your partner, spend time alone, walk the dog, read and book, take a bath… whatever it takes to relax.

6. Learn about when to make love

If you’ve been trying for a while, you might want to think about fertility awareness – knowing the natural signs of fertility.

  • Temperature
  • Mucus
  • Cervix position
  • And how to check them properly.

This will help you to understand and predict if you’re ovulating or not. And how you can time sex to match your cycle, if you choose.

Problem is the info out there is littered with myth and misunderstanding. It’s why I wrote my mini course Ovulation For Pregnancy. A myth buster.

7. Know when and what to test

If you’ve been trying a couple of years and you’re a woman under 35, it’s time to think about tests.

If you’re over 35 and have been trying for 6 months, it’s time to think about tests.

If you suspect you have a condition that might make it tough for you, ask for tests.

Some common fertility tests carried out by the NHS include:

  • Sperm test
  • Blood tests to check ovulation
  • Test for chlamydia
  • Ultrasound scan of ovaries, womb, and fallopian tubes
  • X-ray of fallopian tubes

I also suggest Hair Mineral Tests to clients – these show your bodies mineral balance and toxic metals. Both of which affect fertility. The results mean we can tailor preconception care programmes to each individual woman and couple.

We don’t know what we don’t know. No-one teaches this stuff. Until now.

Kathy Payne is a Booster of Fertility. Calmer of Hormones. Soother of Modern Life Madness. A Women’s Health Coach with special interests in women’s cycles, fertility, hormonal health, pre/menopause, stress and energy. She’s a reformed former overweight, unfit, exhausted, sick and cranky corporate stress-bunny.

Kathy works face-to-face in Norwich, UK or worldwide via Skype and also offers a range of online classes and courses to take you from hormone-y to harmony. Download her free guide “10 Surprising Signs of Haywire Hormones and Hacks to Help” here:

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