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MeMeMe is many things to many women.

Our mission is to promote wellness and aliveness for our readers—in fresh and thoughtful ways that suit full lives.

We believe in women. We ladies are an amazing, creative and powerful force in the world. We’re often the ringleaders in our households and communities, influencing many lives daily in ways big and small. So our wellbeing is critical not just to ourselves but to everyone in our orbit. How do we protect it, take care of ourselves—and build lives we love?

MeMeMe is about enjoying the journey to those answers.

We stand for choosing the real—real food over “food-like,” joyful movement over “no pain, no gain,” meaningful relationships over drama rides, and chasing life goals with soul over coloring inside the lines.

We have a lot to talk about, don’t we?

Do tell.

We want you in the conversation. We’re dying to know what’s on your mind.

What’s feeding your spirit?

What are you kicking curbside because life is big and it’s time to get on with it?

What’s your definition of healthy?

When was the last time you belly laughed?

How would you like to shock yourself this year?

Please dive in, visit often, join the conversation on our chat page or drop us a line right here. Let’s hear you.

Because MeMeMe is all about you.

Much love,

Kerry x
Editor, MeMeMe


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