Are you feeling more frazzled than you are festive this December? As our calendars start to fill, the schools break up and our Christmas to-do list seems to grow daily, it can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed and under pressure.

We want you to have the best and most enjoyable Christmas! So we gathered together our MeMeMe Experts and asked them to give their one top tip for having a happy, healthy and stress-free Christmas!

Here’s what they had to say!

The Personal Trainer

“Give healthy presents. Not everyone appreciates boxes of chocolates or bottles of wine, so think about fun alternatives. For children, instead of junk food, buy them toys that will get them active and wear them out rather than get them hyperactive. Invest in some Spacehoppers and have a race on Christmas day for a silly laugh (and excellent leg exercise). A winner with parents and kids alike.”
Tracy Griffen, Griffen Fitness


The Business Owner – Content Marketing Consultant

“After a busy year spent building and running your business, it’s so important to take a proper break over the Christmas period. You’re probably pretty exhausted and it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with friends and family. If you’re worried about the break in contact with your customers and subscribers then use scheduling tools and automation to keep the content flowing whilst you’re indulging in a mince pie or two! Write blog posts, newsletters and social media posts in advance and schedule them to go live gradually over the holidays.”
Kerry Brind, Write to Win Business


The Skincare Expert

“The next time you paint your party nails a bright red shade and you are left with stains from the polish when you remove it, one popular and simple technique to remove them is to soak them in lemon juice. Lemons contain amazing acidic properties that help remove nail stains. Remember to follow up with a good quality hand cream afterwards.”
Carol Aplin, Pink & Green Skincare


The Weight Loss Consultant

“Eat your meat first. Protein is so important in your diet, so start with the meat on your plate, work round to the veggies and by the time you get to your carbs you won’t eat as much as you thought.
The result? Portion control, carb control and minimal weight gain over Christmas.”
Joanna King, Lose Weight with Joanna


The Aromatherapist

“We often make Christmas an extremely busy time, and it’s easy to start to feel stressed. In between parties, shopping, wrapping and decorating, it’s important to take some time out to relax and unwind so you can enjoy the festive season. Aromatherapy is a great way to de-stress. Frankincense and sweet orange essential oils are perfect to bring about a sense of peace and serenity. Simply add a few drops of these oils to your oil burner to fill the air with calming, festive aromas.”
Jessica Sjoholm, Tranquilla Rosa


The Coach and Hypnotherapist

“Give yourself permission to have a minute when it all becomes too much. How? Go to the loo! Seriously. Then do what works for you – take deep breaths, remind yourself of your happy place, scream silently – whatever! But give yourself permission to have a minute. You’ll feel worlds better for it.”
Emma Langton, Hypnotherapy NLP & Coaching


The Speaking Coach

“Be mindful of what you are trying to say to people when things get really stressful. Remember the core message and keep it short and sweet. Avoid Christmas rows by not speaking without thought.”
Bev Hepting, Discover Your Voice


The Physiotherapist

“Yes it’s cold outside, but that’s no reason not to go outside and enjoy all the goodness that is waiting for you if you go for a walk. You are exercising, moving your joints and giving your cardiovascular system a workout. Your body will reap the rewards. Walking is free, accessible and you don’t need expensive equipment, just a comfortable pair of shoes. So wrap up warm and as you walk pay special attention to the colours around you, the sounds you can hear, the scents that surround you. Marvel at what nature has to offer.”
Joanne Brennan, Joanne Brennan Physiotherapy


The Chiropractor

“Take your own pillow when you go away to stay with family or friends. It’s amazing how your body is used to your own bed; and although it’s hard to take your mattress with you, your pillow is really easy to pack.”
Sarah McNeil, Chiropractical


The Life Coach

Exercise some self care. “You cannot serve from an empty vessel” Have a nice bath, go for a brisk walk, relax and read a book, whatever you like to do but make sure you take some time out for yourself. It’s essential to be able to recharge when you have to look after everyone else”
Jan Taylor, Indigo Soul


The Professional Blogger

“Christmas is so hectic we often forget New Year is imminent. It’s easily done. To avoid a big chunk of the panic, set time aside over Christmas to draw up a blogging schedule for 2017. Identify key topics and themes, holidays and awareness events, and brainstorm enough titles for every post in the year. You’ll know exactly what needs writing and when – no scrabbling! Try to batch them, doing two (or more!) at a time—come July you won’t have to blog again until 2018!”
Hazel Butler, The Write Copy Girl


The Pilates Teacher

“Keep an eye on how many finger foods you are eating in the festive period. The dainty wee treats are like spending your calories on a credit card rather than paying cash. You never think you’ve spent that much until the statement comes in ‘oohh forgot about that…’
Samantha Valand, author of The Menopause Diaries: A practical guide to healthy eating and exercising in your menopausal years


The Lightworker & Reiki Practitioner

“Continuously engaging with others (however much you love them) can be exhausting. My tip is to try and make sure you grab some down time – alone. It might be taking a relaxing bath, walking the dog or whatever ‘Me Time’ activity you love to do.”
Sue Davies, Allowing Joy


The Fertility Coach

“Enjoy a happy, hormonally-balanced December by eating good quality protein with every meal and snack. This will help to balance your blood sugar, energy, mood and hormones. And make sure you continue to eat regularly and no skipping meals!”
Kathy Payne, Kathy Payne Natural Health and Fertility Coach


The Empowerment Coach

“Practice gratitude. The more we focus on what we appreciate and are grateful for, the more we will have to be grateful for. Our brain will notice more of the wonderful things in our life and fewer of all the things we used to complain about.”
Dr Julie Leoni , Love Being Me


The Psychotherapist

“Put up your invisible jelly shield!  When I’m stressed I quickly and vividly imagine that there’s a shield around me that’s wobbly and opaque (mine’s also a calm green colour).  Outside stresses, negativities and noises can’t get in and I imagine everything to be muffled as I centre myself in an impenetrable state of calm.  A few deep breaths and I’m good to go again!”
Roxy Rhodes, The High Heels Society


The Massage Trainer

“Put you first. This may sound a bit radical if you’re always looking after the needs of others – making sure they have a nice time, that they have enough to eat and drink, that they like the food, that they’re happy. But who’s looking after you?

Plan ahead. Each day leading up to Christmas and on Christmas Day too, put YOU at the top of your To Do List. Do something for yourself first. Go for a walk, breathe, read a book, have a long soak in a warm bath, sit down, or…do nothing. It’ll make the rest of it less stressful.”
Doreen Uzice, Quantum Metta School of Massage

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