Dieting is pointless. Hurray! If you’re over 40, want to lose weight and are ready to get off that yo-yo diet rollercoaster, then feast your eyes on this fab vlog from Nicki Williams, our popular Happy Hormones expert.

Did you know that 98% of people either don’t lose weight on a calorie controlled diet, or they regain what they lost? That’s what Dr Zoe Harcombe, researcher, blogger, public speaker in diet and health and author of The Obesity Epidemic states in her book.

That’s a huge waste of time and effort, isn’t it? And how frustrating?

These diets might have worked for you when you were younger, but none of them are sustainable if you’re now over 40. You see, it’s all to do with the hormone connection… as Nicki explains…


Nicki Williams is a nutritionist, author, speaker and founder of Happy Hormones for Life. She’s on a mission to educate and empower as many women as possible to regain control of their hormones so that they don’t have to suffer needlessly.

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