Moving into a fabulous new home is incredibly exciting… It’s just the bit leading up to it that can get a little tricky. So if the time has come for you to sell up and move on, you might not be exactly thrilled at the prospect of putting your home on the market.

There’s estate agents, and finding a good one, viewers and having strangers poke around your house, not to mention solicitors and all the lengthy associated legalities.

And let’s face it, life is busy; there’s work, family and not a lot of extra breathing space left. Often this whole ‘moving thing’ can seem rather daunting and somewhat overwhelming.

But if you know about home staging, or property presentation, the selling process can be pretty painless! Here’s why it’s a good idea to spend some time on the presentation of your home before you put it on the market:

It can help you sell for the best price

This is by far the number one reason why you should spruce up your home. Well-presented properties simply sell for a better price. I’ve experienced this myself when I’ve helped clients get their homes on the market, and there is a huge amount of evidence that says the same. Don’t give a potential buyer the opportunity to make a reduced offer because something isn’t up to standard.

Your home could sell quicker

A gorgeous looking home is very likely to spend less days on the market because when faced with a choice of similar properties, buyers are looking, always, for the best one – the one that gives them the most for their money. Not necessarily the cheapest, but the best return on investment. The faster you sell the less stress there will be and the quicker you can all ‘move on’!

Your marketing pictures will be fabulous

The online property websites are where people start their search for a home. They make a shortlist and if you can get yourself on it, you have a potential buyer right there. The key to looking great online is fabulous professional photos. If your home is beautifully presented when it is launched on the market, viewers who get notified of a ‘new house for sale in your location’ will be clambering for a viewing.

A well-presented home gives viewers confidence

If your home looks lovely on the outside, and it’s immaculate, scrupulously clean, organised, welcoming, homely, calming, bright and airy (all the things potential buyers are looking for) they will presume it’s a sound investment. In short, they will feel much more confident parting with their cash.

Your agent will love you

Estate agents get all kinds of properties to try and sell, so when a stunningly attractive one comes along they know it will be easier to shift. This means they’ll make their percentage quicker and it enhances the look of their agency. Make your property an eye-catcher and it might possibly be promoted in their PR such as ‘Property of the Week’ or get featured in a newspaper or the front window. It all helps.

Moving day will be less stressful

Much of making your house look great involves packing away personal stuff and decluttering. You might even put some of your furniture into storage. The advantage of this is that by the time you come to moving, you’ll only be taking the things you really want to your new home.

The fluffy towels are yours

Yes, new towels and fresh bed linen will probably be on your shopping list as part of the process, the quicker you sell the quicker you can go shopping to furnish your new home!

In my experience, buyers are cautious. They’re always looking for flaws, anything that might give them a reason not to buy, so your job is to eliminate all the things they could possibly complain about.

Happy moving!



Heather is an interior designer and property presenter. She is passionate about helping busy ladies have stylish yet practical homes where they and their families can live well.

Heather has two FREE ebooks available to download: 50 Fabulous Tips to Make Your Home Irresistible to Buyers and 10 Interior Design Secrets to Make Your Home Fabulous!

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