Are you a by-product of your environment or does your environment simply leave BIG MASSIVE tells about the type of person you are?

I am happy to raise my hand and say that I’m not the neatest or tidiest person in the world.  I am not the sort of person who gets unduly stressed out about a bit of mess.  I don’t mind a bit of chaos as long as we are underlying that we are actually clean.  I know I’m more than able to work with various things on my desk and I can find my stuff even when it’s not stored in the most orderly of fashions.

I know that not everyone is that way.

Flip the coin and other people can’t bear to have things out of place.  Their heart beats a little faster if stuff gets left out, and they are very much attached to the fact that everything has a place and it should absolutely be in its place.

So, my reply is that you are neither a product of your surroundings – as the occasional bit of chaos doesn’t make me feel chaotic nor does it have a total tell on your personality.

Your surroundings can either work with you or against you.  This isn’t only about whether you feel like you have those surroundings under control – it goes further than that.  It’s about the places that make you happy and the cosiness that your home provides for you.

Let me introduce you to Hygge.  It seems to be one of those “fashionable” buzz words right now with people referring to the Danish practice A LOT!

But, what’s it all about?

To me, Hygge seems to be more a way of life than a habit.

I read The Little Book of Hygge – The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking at the weekend.  Although it seems to be at pains to point out that it’s about cosiness or comfort or gratitude or mindfulness, it seems to me to encompass all those concepts in one word.  For me, the word that stands out that seems completely dismissed is cosiness.  That feeling.  Hygge could be summed up as cosiness for me.  Cosiness within your surroundings, cosiness in how you are using your spare time to nourish you, cosiness in the foods that you are eating and the people you are surrounding yourself with.

I kinda like the concept BUT think that we need to look to achieve more Hygge in our everyday lives, and make it a habit rather than simply seeking out moments of Hygge.

Whilst in the northern hemisphere we are currently entering Spring/Summer time and cosiness might not be high on the agenda it’s important that we make sure our surroundings are nourishing us.

Here are five ideas to help you invite more Hygge into your life

  1. If you are the type of person who reacts badly to clutter and mess then now’s the time to harness the inner spring cleaning fairy and free yourself of that burden. And get that spring cleaning fairy to work her magic in your office, too.  Sort out the paper piles, invest in a shredder, open the window, give your work surfaces a wipe over and put some bright flowers in to add a lovely scent to the room.


  1. You might want to carve out a little corner, nook or cranny at home where you can snuggle down with a good book and a hot cup of coffee, or your favourite music. What about the spare bedroom or the conservatory? Grab your own private and quiet spot and invite the Hygge in.


  1. Create an outdoor space to help you reconnect with nature, watch the wildlife, take a closer look at what’s out there and just relax.


  1. Instead of busying yourself all the time, just take regular spells out to sit back and close your eyes in your favourite spot. Light a candle to create an inviting smell and do some deep breathing to quieten your racing mind.


  1. Treat yourself to a soft blanket and some new lounge wear for your Hygge time. Dressing for relaxation and creating a comfortable environment, will make the whole huggy Hygge experience last even longer.


I would like to challenge you to look at your home environment and see if there are any ways you can Hygge it up and make it a much more nourishing place for you!

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Emma Holmes is CEO & Founder of Coaching Rockstars – best described as a ‘hatchery’ for entrepreneurs with soul!

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