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Clare Cogan – Creating Calm

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First name: Clare
Surname: Cogan
Products and services:

I support 'mums on the run', those of us who are mums of school aged children who are running and running and not quite getting anywhere. Feeling pretty overwhelmed and not feeling 'good enough'. I help these mums get some balance back into their lives, get back in control and feel better about themselves, because when we FEEL better we DO better.  Want to avoid being that 'shouty mum'? Then talk to me.

How do I support you?  I have an online community of mums where I share my guidance and support around common issues we all can face on a daily basis.  It is not a negative, moany group, but it is a group you can come into if you are feeling a bit rubbish about stuff and you are looking for some support and guidance and as well as some mums to say 'me too'! It is amazing the relief you can feel when you realise you are not the only one feeling the way you do. Find out more here

I also offer 1 2 1 support to mums online and offline who want to make a real difference, get another persons perspective on their lives. I don't judge, or criticise, or make you feel worse than you already do. I can help you really learn how, by taking a step back and accessing some support, and much needed time out, you can make the most phenomenal difference to your lives, which will reflect onto your children.  Everything we do has an impact on those around us. Imagine, being able to be that mum who just feels good about who she is and what she is doing, without having to rely on others to tell her this, or be rocked be other opinions on what they should or shouldn't do, this is what I can offer.

Intrigued but have some questions?  Get in touch by emailing to book in to have chat with me to see if what I offer would work for you.

30 Seymour Park Road, Marlow, United Kingdom, Marlow SL7 3EP
Contact Information
Phone: 07843055587
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