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Emma Heptonstall The Divorce Alchemist

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First name: Emma
Surname: Heptonstall
Products and services:

The Divorce Alchemist Emma Heptonstall - The Divorce Alchemist

Hello Ladies, I'm Emma, The Divorce Alchemist. I support ladies who leave make smart emotional and financial decisions on divorce.

I'm not your solicitor, counsellor, sister or your best friend. I'm not emotionally invested in your divorce. I'm not a lady who has left either - I'm not divorced.

So how can I help you? Well, for 13 years, I was a lawyer. I've seen hundreds of ladies like you going through relationship breakdown.

Having trained as a Coach for my own enjoyment, I began to realise that there is a better way that the court process for handling the end of your relationship. Firstly, I trained as a Family Mediator, a role I'm passionate about today. But, I also saw many women making the same mistakes in their divorce and so I created Divorce Alchemy.

Divorce Alchemy is about you getting clear on whether you should leave or not - it can often be a very complex decision. How do you know if you're making the 'right' decision for you?

If you decide you do want to leave, how does the divorce process work? How do you decide what you want and need? How do you handle the finances, telling your husband you're leaving and the children? So many questions that often mean instead of leaving, you stay stuck and frustrated.

It's my job to support you with all of those things.

You can choose to work with me in a number of ways. Some ladies like the reassurance of 30 minute calls on a weekly basis to check-in with where they're at. Some ladies want and need more in-depth coaching calls. I work in 90 minute sessions. Other ladies prefer to set aside a whole day and work with me in 6 hour chunks, especially when we are looking at their finances. You can choose to work with me for 3 months if you wish. It really depends upon you and what you need.

I work via Skype with clients are far away as Vietnam and South Africa, and if you prefer face to face too.

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Phone: 07957 138416
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