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Hayley Gillard – Ecotherapist

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First name: Hayley
Surname: Gillard
Products and services:

I help people to go from stressed out, burnt out and totally overwhelmed to feeling vibrant, happy and full of self-love. I help people to realise that they will be an even BETTER mum, partner, friend, daughter, employee, business owner if they start looking after themselves.

Through inspirational blogs, free webinars and resources, online therapy programmes, 121 life coaching and wellness retreats I help hundreds of women to banish burn-out and live their life feeling vibrant.

Nature is my inspiration and I believe that humans and nature are one. It's no wonder as a species we are suffering from health epidemics, rises in obesity, poor mental health and exhaustion. It's only been the last 150 years that we've been surrounded by technology, concrete, electricity, advertising, tarmac and skyscrapers. Before that we lived each day with our hands in the soil, tending animals and crops, making wholesome healthy food, and spending our days outside. Nature has the power to heal us.

I bring this inspiration into my services. One day I'll be helping someone to set actionable steps towards their goal whilst sitting round a campfire toasting a marshmallow. The next day I could be walking barefoot teaching someone mindfulness and how important being present is for tackling stress.

Leeds, United Kingdom
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