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Sober Sassy Life

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First name: Jackie
Surname: Elliott
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Booze is fun right? Enjoying a glass of wine, bubbly at a wedding, the odd cocktail when you're on holiday....that's a normal part of life, right?

Absolutely. But what happens when that occasional glass of wine turns into a daily ritual? What happens when one glass turns into one bottle? What happens when you realize that your whole life revolves around Wine O'clock?

Booze is not so much fun anymore.

I founded Sober Sassy Life when booze wasn't fun for me anymore. When I quit, it was after a prolonged period of denial and misery - really fighting against a life of Sobriety - it seemed so ....dull.

Nothing could have been further from the truth!

So here's what I do at Sober Sassy Life

I help women re-evaluate and reset their relationship with booze, whether that means quitting for good, or moderating.

I help women get UNSTUCK from the 'drinking spiral' - the treadmill of drinking, self loathing and low self esteem.

I help women live fulfilled, inspiring lives without booze, using their sobriety as a tool, not a punishment

I work hard to 're-brand" sobriety, and spread the message that a sober life doesn't have to be dull and boring!

You can read my blog and listen to my podcast.

You can download my FREE masterclasses, information packs and PDFs.

You can join my RESET REVOLUTION - a 28 Day online program that will help you change your mindset AND you relationship with booze.

You can work with me one to one through my six week program "Sassy, Sober, Happy Ever After"

And you can read my book "Sober Ever After" available on Amazon and via my website as an Audio book, and you can register to get my next book "How to Quit Drinking and Live Sober Ever After" (available at the beginning of February 2016).

I look forward to meeting you.



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