Every week I speak to people who tell me they are lost, like every day a piece of the person they once were has faded away, and that they no longer recognise who they see in the mirror.

They’ve reached a point where they have settled for the life that they are living, their confidence is at an all-time low and they’re spending everyday wishing for something more.

But in that lies the problem.

They spend so much time wishing for change, that they don’t recognise that actually, change has to come from them.

We seem to have this innate habit of hoping things will happen, but the problem with hope is that it takes our own responsibility out of the equation.

You see, when you hope you can do something, you hope it will all work out, and you hope you can find the motivation to follow through. But, in fact, all you are saying is that you are hoping that by some chance the planets will align and the universe will decide to miraculously make change happen for you.

It doesn’t work like that.

You have the power to get any result you want, and it starts with taking responsibility for your own life, decisions and actions.

Because the reality is you are always one decision away from a completely different life, whether it’s for your health, weight, job, relationships or any other aspect of who you are.

It just comes down to accepting that you can choose how you respond to any given situation, that you are in control of who you are, the situation you find yourself in and the direction in which you are moving.

So, if you are feeling stuck right now, then move.

You’re not a tree.
Stop making excuses about why things are the way they are, and instead focus on finding a way to improve them, because change happens by you, not for you.
Make a plan, commit to it and follow through.
That’s how you start reconstructing the best version of yourself.

And if you’ve been waiting for a sign from the universe that change is possible, that you can do it and that everything will be ok, then this is it.

Stop wishing and start doing.

Tailored Lifestyles was created by Byron Morrison with one simple mission: To help as many people as possible live healthier happier lives, by taking a holistic approach to improving their wellbeing.

Byron helps ladies aged 35 to 55 take control of their weight loss journey, showing them how to make time for themselves and that they don’t need to feel so lost, overwhelmed and carrying the world on their shoulders.

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