Did you know? Pregnant women aged 35+ are classed as having an advanced maternal age in the medical world.   

But what does this mean for women having babies later in life? Why are the numbers doubling? What personal challenges do these ‘geriatric mums’ face from society? And what should they expect in those early few weeks of parenting?  

Find out in this insightful video by experienced doulas and mums, Sophie Brigstock (Mama Conference Doula of the Year 2017) and Florence Etienne-Jackson of Nurturing Birth and the Nurturing Birth Directory, and feel free to share it with any pregnant friends, family or colleagues who would love some extra support.

Sophie Brigstocke is a birth and postnatal doula, Doula Mentor at Doula UK, Breastfeeding Supporter and Baby Massage Teacher.  She was awarded “Doula of the Year” at MaMa Conference, 2017.

Sophie became a Breastfeeding Network Peer Helper in 2011 and is currently training as a National Breastfeeding Helpline volunteer and BFN Supporter.  She volunteers on the postnatal wards of St Thomas’s Hospital, London. She is on the Maternity Forum for St George’s Hospital, Tooting.

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