In this week’s Grow a Better Life, our gardening expert Jenny shares her top weeding tips and advice. She’s also talking about the big benefits of using local organic farm manure as mulch to suppress those pesky weeds and keep your soil hydrated during the dry summer days.

And judging by the lovely sunshine it certainly looks like spring has arrived!

Jenny is a passionate… almost obsessive gardener. Based in North Wales, Jenny and her family moved into their home in the summer of 2011 and set about an enormous project of renovation on the house whilst simultaneously creating their very own horticultural paradise.

Jenny’s greatest skill is her vision for grouping plants to please the eye, whilst her greatest joy is anticipating the results of her planting schemes. Jenny opens her gardens for charity annually through the National Garden Scheme and welcomes small groups throughout the year.

Follow Jenny’s journey in her Garden Diary and learn tips and skills to use in your own garden.

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