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If you have something to say about wellness, happiness, career exploration, mental health, life changes, beauty, good food. parenting, love, relationships, living a full life or just choosing the perfect avocado, we’d love to hear from you. MeMeMe is looking for great articles that entertain, guide, inform, help or simply inspire women over 35 to live well every day.

Writing for MeMeMe means sharing your knowledge with a national UK audience, raising the profile of wellbeing, enhancing your professional authority, boosting your business and changing womens lives for the better.

We crave variety, don’t you?

We’re looking for fresh, newsy, advice-rich articles as well as fascinating personal stories that tie back to living a meaningful, healthy life.

What we’re looking for:

Health Tips & News – do you have simple, easy to follow advice to share with our readers? Then get in touch! We’d love to hear how your tips or suggestions can solve health problems and/or improve wellbeing/relationships/fitness/lifestyle/overall happiness.

Personal Essays – share your interesting experience with us, what you learned from it and/or how it changed your perspective after the event. We love amusing, instructive and somewhat opinionated essays. Be honest and fearless – that’s what we’re all about here.

Expert articles – if you’re an expert in your field, we’d love to share your knowledge. All we ask is that your content is full of clear tips and well-researched facts. We need links to quotes, trusted media sources, reputable journalists/media /comments etc, testimonials and thoughtful advice for our readers to take on board and implement.

Video articles – same concepts as above but please keep your video under the three minute mark.

Recipes – include a short introduction which explains why you love this dish and how you serve it. Please include serving size, an ingredients list with measurements, step-by-step directions and photos (see our photo guidelines below).

Exercise and fitness – please provide clear instructions on how to complete the suggested activity. Include photos (see our photo guidelines below) or a three minute video to illustrate the activity.

Beauty –  MeMeMe is particularly interested in natural beauty, beauty routines-made-easy and gentle tips for feeling good in your own skin. Please note, we only support cruelty-free beauty products.

Preparing your submission

  • Before you start: please familiarise yourself with our website and ensure we haven’t covered your subject in a recent post. If we have, then think about how to present your article in an alternative, fresh, unique way. Read through our published articles and note the different subjects covered to see if your writing is a good fit.
  • Originality of content: MeMeMe prefers highly original articles and stories. However, as a subject matter expert or frequent writer, you may have shared a story through your blog or other publication in the past. If you would like to repurpose an article and submit it to MeMeMe, please look for ways to give it fresh language and content and also ensure the style is appropriate to our audience. Also, please list any previous publications where the article appeared.
  • Stick to the facts please: research and verify all health claims. Please put any relevant supporting links in brackets like this: [].
  • Suggest headlines: please include 2-3 headline ideas. Ask yourself, “What problem does my article solve? How will reading this make the reader’s life better?”
  • Promote yourself the right way: please avoid a sales pitch for your products or services within your article. You should, however, include a 120-word bio with a brief explanation of your business and a link to your blog or website.
  • Our style, tone & perspective: all our articles are informative, engaging and uplifting and written in a conversational, friendly and inclusive tone.

Submission guidelines

  • Email your submission to:
  • First draft: responsibility for first draft edits lies with the contributor, so please take time to read through your article and check for typos, broken links or unsubstantiated claims before submitting to our editorial team.
  • Synopsis: please include a brief synopsis of your article in your email and include the completed article as a Word attachment.
  • Videos: please use WeTransfer to send us your vlogs and videos, email them to
  • Images: please attach relevant images as jpeg files. Send only images to which you own the rights. See our photo guidelines below.
    • Bio: Please include your bio (120 words or less) with links to your website and social media pages.
    • Headshot: Please include a headshot or photo to use with your bio.
  • Response time may vary: We read every submission and strive to respond within 14 days. Please feel free to send additional articles at any time.
  • Our terms and conditions: by submitting an article to MeMeMe, you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions which include the right to edit your article in order to help it conform to our style and appeal to our readers.

Photo guidelines

  • Photos in general: we welcome photos with your post. These should be at least 1080 by 675 pixels.
  • Food photos: please include an original, high-quality photo of your prepared dish to accompany a recipe. Prep images are also welcome. We prefer photos taken in natural daylight using neutral tableware and backgrounds. Remember, the food is the star!
  • Fitness photos: while a photo for a fitness article isn’t necessary, it’s highly encouraged. The photo (or photos) should be original, and show you (or a model) completing the pose, sequence, or routine. Each photo should be of high quality and labelled with the move it’s demonstrating. If you have a short video (no longer than three minutes) illustrating the activity, we’re happy to include that too.

Thank you for reading our guidelines.

We look forward to your submission!


The MeMeMe Editorial Team

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